Shocking! Syrian Suicide Bomber In Germany In Online Chat Directly Before Attack

Shocking! Syrian Suicide Bomber In Germany In Online Chat Directly Before Attack :- A Syrian who was suspected having links with ISIS blew himself up outside a German music festival and while this incident he was in contact with another person “who directed the attack” shortly before, officials said on Wednesday.


The 27-year-old failed asylum seeker, who stricken 15 people present at a neighbouring cafe late on Sunday when he was denied entrance to the gala venue, had been talking to an anonymous man in an “intensive” online chat, Bavaria state interior minister Joachim Herrmann said.

“Apparently, he had a close connection with somebody who had a notable control on the spot the attack pound out,” Herrmann said on the behalf of a state government conference.

“The conversation ended just before the blast.”

Herrmann said it was unclear if the anonymous man had links with ISIS jihadists, where the chat associate was, or how long the two had been in touch.

The minister reported on Monday that the accuser had made a video committing loyalty and devotion to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi that was located on his smartphone.

ISIS later stated via the jihadist-linked Amaq news agency that the accuser “was a volunteer of the ISIS”.

The assaulter also had years old links to Al-Qaeda, the ISIS online portal Al-Naba said on Wednesday.

Basically, from the town of Aleppo in Northern Syria, he entered Al-Qaeda in Iraq since passing to his country to try to invade the intelligence stint of President Bashar al-Assad.

When battle broke out in 2011, he created a protection cell to launch roadside bomb assaults on administration forces and later entered Al-Nusra Front, the Al-Qaeda associate in Syria.

He was injured in Aleppo and moved from the country for treatment in Europe, where he supported the trials of ISIS in Syria and Iraq while plotting a large-scale assault of his own in Germany, Al-Naba said.

According to German officials, the attacker moved to Germany two years ago but had his asylum claim denied after a cycle as he had previously been granted alien status in Bulgaria.

He had attempted to kill himself twice in the history and had was admitted to a psychiatric clinic, authorities said.