Superstar! Aamir Khan To Replace Hrithik Roshan in YRF’s Film ‘Thug

Superstar! Aamir Khan To Replace Hrithik Roshan in YRF’s Film ‘Thug :- Yash Raj Films home production Thug is seriously converting into yet another Shuddhhi. Every since then a new cast either gets in or out of the scene making speculations all around. It was first gathered that Hrithik Roshan will share the bit of this action adventure which will have remarkable wild stunts. Then there were rumors that the artist has stepped out of the project as he wanted to know how safer Mohenjo Daro plays at the box office and then choose as he wasn’t satisfied.


Then it was Deepika Padukone’s turn to get in and out of the film in a jiffy. Later, the news was that Amitabh Bachchan too will be part of it while Hrithik stays. Now rumors are making rounds that the Kaabil star will soon get substituted and Aamir Khan‘s is considered to step in his shoes.

Thug will be directed by Dhoom 3 filmmaker Vijay Krishna Acharya and thus it isn’t unexpected to see Aamir’s name is considering as to replace Hrithik. We are certain about they must have interfused in an endearing connection while filming the movie. It is slated to go on the decks upcoming year but the film yet to find a lead that won’t swiftly choose to roll. A daily reported that junior Bachchan has opted out of the project as thoroughly since it is getting driven. He is preoccupied with a lot of projects now and thus can’t be the hero of this movie.

We are just wondering what is going on with this film. It has all the trappings of a genuine attraction but concluding a lead star is converting into a heavy duty here. The film apparently got delayed as Hrithik was keen about Kaabil more than Thug and therefore desired to do the Sanjay Gupta movie first. So from January, it turned to April but presently it’s July and the film is still in arrears for a stable and lasting lead to walking in.