Texas: A family of 4 was among the 10 people killed in a private plane crash

Texas: A family of 4 was among the 10 people killed in a private plane crash: Reports are coming straight from Texas where 10 people died this Sunday because of an airplane crash. Yes! Local media confirmed the number of people who died in this crash. The plane crashed into a hanger then in seconds we have seen flames. The accident took place after takeoff at a Texas airport. Still, the authority is trying to figure out the real reason of this crash.

Well, the twin-engine Beechcraft King Air aircraft crashed at the Addison Municipal Airport. The whole thing was quite horrible and it killed two crew members and eight passengers on board. The news is confirmed by the National Transportation Safety Board Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg.

Also, the Monday morning news confirmed the exact number of dead people because of this accident. Sources are saying that teens Alice Maritato and her brother Dylan Maritato, and their mother Ornella Ellard and stepfather Brian Ellard are dead too. Overall, it is very bad news for Texas as well as for the world.

The government officials confirmed that no one survived the crash. Lead NTSB investigator Jennifer Rodi said her team walked through the crash scene and will begin to gather information on the flight crew. They are trying to investigate the case and would want to explore more as they have more training, knowledge, and experience.