The Ultimate Guide to Recover Lost or Deleted Files from Your USB Drive

USB drives are a must-have accessory when transferring information from one computer to another. But there are instances when the mere prospect of data loss sends shivers down your spine. No one wants to risk losing the essential data and documents stored on their flash drive.

People who have suffered such awful experiences may seek guidance on retrieving lost data from a USB flash drive. And this article will walk you through the reasons for USB data loss and how to recover data from USB. Let’s get started!

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Part 1. Understanding USB Data Recovery

USB drives are convenient for transferring data between devices because of their portability, low weight, and storage capacity. On the other hand, USB drives typically suffer from data loss. Before attempting to restore lost data from a USB drive, it’s important to determine why the data gets lost or deleted in the first place. Some of the common reasons are:

⦁ Formatting the USB drive
⦁ Viruses and Malware attacks on USB drive
⦁ Accidental deletion of the files
⦁ Files becoming hidden on a USB drive
⦁ The file system going RAW

However, to recover those lost or deleted files, you must first understand how data recovery on USB devices works. When the data is deleted from USB files, it doesn’t get wiped. It stays in the memory until the new files overwrite it, which means it can still be recovered using the right ways. And that’s when data recovery solution pops up. Data recovery software detects the files in the memory and helps you recover them.

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Part 2. Wondershare Recoverit: Your Ultimate Tool for USB Data Recovery

Wondering how to recover lost or deleted files on your USB drive? This section has the answer! You need a secure and professional tool to recover the files from a USB drive. And these attributes perfectly fit the Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery software. Any data that has been accidentally deleted or lost can be recovered using the Recoverit Data Recovery.

It has a high success record in handling 500+ real-world data loss situations, including formatting, system failures, malware assaults, etc. Moreover, when partitions become corrupted, inaccessible, or destroyed, the Recoverit Data Recovery tool can restore your data effortlessly. In addition, photos, movies, documents, music, emails, and more can all be recovered from the hidden memory with this handy program.

Why Use Wondershare Recoverit?

⦁ Quick and Deep Scanning –Recoverit’s cutting-edge technology allows for a speedy, Quick Scan, while a thorough Deep Scan will scan your disk for hidden data for much longer.

⦁ File Filtering –Using “Filter,” you may quickly separate the relevant files from the hundreds of millions of results.

⦁ Preview Deleted Files –You can look at a preview of the recovered files to make sure everything is in working order. The preview function of this data recovery program includes an automated repair function for corrupted images and document files.

⦁ Friendly UI –The user interface of Wondershare Recoverit is very intuitive and easy for people with no tech backgrounds to comprehend and use for data recovery.

Step 1: Get the Wondershare Recoverit Data Recoverit from the official site. Once installed, connect the USB drive to your computer and launch Wondershare Recoverit.

Step 2: From the homepage, select the connected USB or flash drive and click Start to proceed.

Step 3: A thorough scan of your USB or flash will be launched. Let the scan complete, and you can also pause or locate the target files during the scan.

Step 4: Once the scan is complete, select the files you wish to recover and preview them. After previewing, click Recover to recover the lost or deleted files from your USB or flash drive.

Part 3. Tips to Maximize USB Data Recovery Success

Looking for ways to maximize USB data recovery success? The following tips will help:

⦁ Steps to Prevent Damage to USB Drives –A USB drive’s data is unrecoverable if the device is destroyed or damaged. Taking good care of your data requires proper measures to protect your USB devices from any physical damage.

⦁ Picking the Right Data Recovery Tool –A data recovery tool is essential to recover your USB drive’s lost or deleted files. Since it will deal with your crucial data, selecting an inefficient data recovery tool can halt the success of recovering lost or deleted files. That’s why picking the right and efficient data recovery tool is important to maximize your data recovery.

⦁ Backup Your Data Regularly –This is a good habit to get into with all your storage media. It’s risky to keep just one electronic duplicate of important data. So, you need to back up your data regularly to ensure its safety.

Part 4. Closing Words

Losing essential data or documents can be devastating for an individual or a business because it can result in losses at a professional and personal level. Due to this, people and businesses are always searching for a USB data recovery solution. And we hope you’ve got the best data recovery solution in Wondershare Recoverit after reading this article.

Wondershare Recoverit is an efficient and secure tool that lets you recover the data of 1000+ file types from USB in 500+ scenarios. Because of its user-friendliness and robust deep scanning algorithm, it is the best USB data recovery solution, which promises continued support and hassle-free USB data recovery.

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