Today Earthquake of 6.1 Hits Amritsar 12th February 2021 Epicenter, Delhi NCR Bhukamp Videos Images

The breaking and latest news of tonight are that an earthquake is hit the upper part of India at a minor altitude but the people are still stood outside their house for preventing their family form the effect of an earthquake. The earthquake hits the state such as Punjab, Chandigarh, ShriNagar, Delhi, Haryana and many other nearby states, as per the reports, the earthquake hits these states with 3.5 altitudes and the researcher are still calculating the exact altitude of the earthquake through Richter scale. However, the earthquake hits so hard and feels by many other and after this, they all come to the safest places for preventing from the after effect of an earthquake.

Today Earthquake of 6.1 Hits Amritsar

It’s not the first time when all these states hit by the earthquake, in last year there was numerous earthquakes happen which scared all the peoples and families and everyone expected that there will be surely a big earthquake comes and destroy all the buildings and homes but still all the situation is under control. According to the latest reports, there is no mishaps news comes from these states and the researchers are still finding the exact centre of the earthquake and it is expected that there were no mishaps occurs at the centre of the earthquake because the altitude was quite low.

Today Earthquake in Delhi Live Updates:


The latest news comes from our sources that there were two earthquakes hit the states and the first earthquake whose altitude was 6.1 has the centre in Tajakistan while the second one comes with the altitude of 5.8 which carries the centre in Amritsar and the earthquake was 98 kilometres deeply in the ground. This was the first highest altitude earthquake of India after the Nepal earthquake, the main and relief point is that there were no mishaps found in these states and we hope that all the citizens are safe. Stay tuned with us because we will update you with the latest information about the earthquake.

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