Today Epic Episode! Devanshi 24th October 2016 Written Updates

Today Epic Episode! Devanshi 24th October 2016 Written Updates :- In the last week episode of the TV series Devanshi, we had seen that Nutan is getting angry on the servants. Devanshi sees a boy eating the banana and throwing the peel on the floor. She explains to the boy that he should not throw the peel on the floor as somebody can slip on it.


And it is actually Nutan slip on it and Nutan without knowi

ng anything scolded Devanshi but Devanshi helps Nutan to get up from the floor. And Nutan asked Devanshi to clean the floor properly which she did actually.

Devanshi starts cleaning the floor but when Rajjo sees this she asked the girl child that she doesn’t need to clean the floor and she can play now. Devanshi is very happy to know that and run away to play after saying thanks to Rajjo.

Nutan is busy organizing the Puja but Devanshi arrives there and she eats the Laddoos. Nutan scolded Devanshi for eating Laddoos and the light goes off now.

Devanshi seems to be like Mata’s avatar and Saints fold his hand for her. Mohan did something wrong for that he even beats Ishwar but Rajjo manages to save Ishwar. Kusum sees that the golden chain is missing and she asked that may be Devanshi steals this as she was here alone.

Devanshi asked Kusum that she did not steal this, in fact, she sees a man was having the golden chain and the bangles on his hands. Devanshi asked Kusum that she need a chance to prove herself innocent, Kusum asked to her that she is having until tonight time to prove herself innocent.

Devanshi now asked Ishwar that he sees the thief so she will be taking names of the servants. If he wants to say yes then he should blink his eyes once and if he wants to say no then he should blink his eyes twice.

Rajjo and Devanshi take every servant’s names as among them somebody has been stealing the golden chain and when Devanshi says Mohan, Ishwar gives nod and Rajjo realized that Mohan is the thief.

Precap: Kusum said Mohan can’t be the thief and Nutan scolded Devanshi as well search her stuff, on seeing this both Sarla and Om go shocked. Rajjo feels bad for Devanshi and looked on.