US: 2 Samsung Smartphone Burn a Car; women escaped, nearly

US: 2 Samsung Smartphone Burn a Car; women escaped, nearly: If we go back in 2016, then you can say that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 grabbed the headline of all the newspapers because they were catching fire randomly across the globe. After that, the people started complaining about this whole issue and giving owners a not-so-good experience. After that, the South Korean tech firm has apologized and has been transparent on what went wrong and what tests it performs before installing the batteries in smartphones.

Reports are coming that a similar instance has been reported once again by ABC News affiliate WXYZ website. As per the reports, women claim that she nearly saved her life as two of her Samsung Galaxy smartphones caught fire while driving. As per the reports, the woman says that the 2017 flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 and the one that came back in 2013, Samsung Galaxy S4, caught fire but she was able to stop the car on time and escape.

Also, the victim said, “It happened quickly. It just went up in flames. People were telling me to get away from the car. What if I was on the highway stuck in traffic and couldn’t get out?” Also, the reports are suggesting that the company Samsung has sent a team for investigation.

The officials are saying that “We stand behind the quality and safety of the millions of Samsung phones in the U.S. We are eager to conduct a full investigation of this matter and until we are able to examine all of the evidence, it is impossible to determine the true cause of any incident.”

Sources are saying that the Detroit Fire Department claims the cause of the fire is the two Samsung smartphones. The sources are saying that the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S8 are not on the recall list for any of the airline flights. Also, a lawsuit is filed against the company and they are still investigating it.