US Announced 15,000 Extra Visas for Foreign Workers; Good News

US Announced 15,000 Extra Visas for Foreign Workers; Good News: Well, reports are coming that the Donald Trump administration is going to declare some additional 15000 H-2B Visas for foreign workers. Now, this could be the next big thing for the people who are seeking for this Visa and are looking for the Job and other work in the US. These additional Visas are going to be a quite boost for the people which are already in addition to 66,000 visas which are already issued for the fiscal year 2018.

US announces 15,000 additional visas for foreign workers

In the statement by the Department of Homeland Security under the US government, they said that 15,000 Visas will be out. The additional work visas will be with an aim to assist the US businesses at the “risk of failing”. H-2B is temporary visas issued to non-agricultural workers. H-2B visas, therefore, allow American businesses to bring foreign nationals to the US to fill temporary non-agricultural jobs subject to certain requirements.

Reports are coming that the Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M Nielsen confirmed that she determined there are not sufficient, qualified US workers available to perform temporary non-agriculture labor to satisfy the needs of American businesses in FY18. She made this decision after consulting with Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta, members of Congress, and business owners, according to the DHS press release dated May 25.

She said in an official statement that, “The limitations on H-2B visas were originally meant to protect American workers, but when we enter a situation where the program unintentionally harms American businesses it needs to be reformed.” Also, the reports are coming that 33,000 H-2B visas (half of the total FY18 cap) are available during the first half of the fiscal year.

Also, the other half is available from April 1 to September 30. The 33,000 H-2B visas to be issued in the second half of the year include any unused visas from the first half of that fiscal year. Also, the reports are coming that the government is going to add other people to this plan.