WATCH: Bride Fires in Air During Wedding in UP’s Hathras Video Goes Viral on Internet

In this world of social media, we encounter sometimes strange and funny gestures. We have got this bizarre from Hathras city of Uttar Pradesh. A video has gone viral on social media showing a bride firing gunshots in the air. The viral video is funny for the viewers but has been proven a little scary for the just-wed bride. It is through sources that the woman is reportedly on the run. The video clip is viral in which the bride is seen firing four rounds in just five seconds. Her unique way of celebration has triggered a police case against her.

Bride Fires in Air During Wedding

Be with us to know more about the amusing event. The video which may be recorded by one of the relatives went viral within no time. In the video, a man can be seen who is handing over a pistol to the bride on the stage. This all happened after the garland exchange ceremony. In the clip, the bridegroom can be seen as amazed and speechless. Relatives at the venue can also be seen stunned in the video.

Bride Fires in Air During Wedding

The incident happened on 7th April, at a guest house in Salempur, Hathras. The bride who has been identified as Ragni is making appearances on social media platforms now. The wedding event was organized at a guest house in Salempur village of Hathras Junction area on Friday night. It is been reported that a man from the bride’s side, wearing a black shirt as in the video stepped up the stage after the Jaimala ceremony ( garland exchange in Indian tradition). The man pulled the revolver out of his waist and gave it to the bride.

It seems that it was all planned and the bride was expecting it. The bride looks up and fires successively four times. After that, the bride, fully attired in a Red wedding costume, returned the revolver to the man. The relatives can be seen in a burst of laughter while looking at the innocent bridegroom. Local police are investigating whether the revolver was licensed or not and interrogating the relatives. When we think of a bride, we often make a blushing image with eyes downcast in our minds. And to our surprise when we watch this kind of scene in life, a dual perspective comes to mind. It looks as if a woman is bold enough to show the gestures meant for men only and on the other side it is also of concern that are we going away from our cultural roots. Stay with us to know the world around you. Stay tuned……..

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