What Happened To Abby Zwerner? Richneck Elementary School Shot By Student

What Happened To Abby Zwerner? Richneck Elementary School Shot By Student:- A shooting report is claiming that a Virginia school teacher was shot by a six-year-old pupil in the school. According to the sources, Abby Zwerner suffered life-threatening injuries after a teacher was shot with a handgun at Richneck Elementary School in the city of Newport News on Friday. Now, the teacher is improving in the hospital after the wound on her body. She was rushed to the hospital. Mayor Phillips Jones told that Ms. Zwerner’s recovery was trending in a positive direction but the mayor also added that she remained in a critical condition after the incident took place at the school.

What Happened To Abby Zwerner Richneck Elementary School Shot By Student

What Happened To Abby Zwerner?

Since the news of this incident went viral on town and school, there is a moment of fear around the areas as people are praying for the teacher for a speedy recovery. As per the social media, Ms. Zwerner who is believed to be in her 30s. Her alma mater, James Madison University in Virginia offered prayers and best wishes for Abby’s health and recovery. Now, the child is in police custody but it is unclear how the child obtained the gun. The official said that the school who has around 550 students has metal detection facilities, students were checked randomly and every single student was inspected during schooling.

Why Did The Student Shot Abby Zwerner?

Well, the Police denied sharing what might have motivated the incident but Chief Steve Drew told that the incident came out after an altercation in the first-grade classroom and it didn’t appear as an accident. Now, the student has been taken into custody but the name of the student isn’t come out due to his age. Jones said that Ms. Zwerner remains in the hospital until her recovery.

The Newport News Police also shared a statement on Saturday saying the Chief of Department, Steve Drew met with the teacher in the hospital, and currently, she is listed in stable condition. Zwerner was hospitalized in Riverside Regional Medical Center with life-threatening injuries following the incident. Parker said,” I cannot control access to weapons. My teacher cannot control access to weapons. Our students got a lesson in gun violence and what guns can do to disrupt not only an educational environment but also a family, a community”. Now, our sources are trying to collect more details regarding to the incident. Stay tuned with us to know more details and keep following for latest updates.

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