What Happened to Alexander Volkanovski? Alexander Volkanovski Illness and Health Update

Here, we will talk about the illness and health crisis of Alexander Wolanowski whose name has been making headlines since his devastating loss. Many questions have been raised about him and many of his fans are asking what happened to him and what is the progress of his recovery. He is an Australian professional mixed martial artist who has gained a huge number of fans through his amazing performances. It is emerging that he has been injured recently and fans are worried about his health. Let’s discuss what happened to him, his illness or health updates and we will also talk about him briefly.

 What Happened to Alexander Volkanovski

According to the exclusive reports, Championship Rounds shared a Twitter post and Alexander Volkanovski’s coach Eugene Bareman stated that “Alexander is not showing any concussion symptoms and is “not as affected by this concussion, as he was the last one”, referring to the Makhachev KO. He also says Volk needs to rest, but says “he’ll be keen to get that rematch this year”. A video was also shared related to this topic and it is circulating in the social media trends. Scroll down this page and continue your reading to know more…

What Happened to Alexander Volkanovski?

Reportedly, Alexander has suffered a second-round knockout loss to Ilya Topuria at UFC 298 and after the incident, his health has become a matter of concern. This defeat not only marked the end of his impressive five-year reign but also marked his second consecutive knockout defeat, raising questions over his well-being. However, his coach said in a post about his health update that he is not showing any signs of injury and appears to be recovering well after his previous knockout loss to Islam Makhachev. While he needs to rest and recover, it’s worth noting that he has highlighted his desire for a rematch later this year. read on…

Further, he faces an uncertain future after facing continuous losses.  If we talk about himself, Alexander Volkanovski is a talented mixed martial artist and he is currently competing as a former UFC Featherweight Champion in the Featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He was born on 29 September 1988 in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia and he is mostly known by his nickname “The Great”. At present, he is 35 years old and his name is gaining popularity because of his health updates. We have shared all the details above in this article and we will update you soon. Stay tuned with dekhnews.com to read more articles.

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