WhatsApp has a new Beta version for Android 2.19.327, Find Out What’s New

WhatsApp has a new Beta version for Android 2.19.327, Find Out What’s New :- WhatsApp is going the YouTube way and may soon roll out an update for dark mode on Android. The latest report reveals more details about the much-rumoured dark mode feature found on the latest beta version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has a new Beta version for Android 2.19.327

WABetaInfo, the tracker website for upcoming WhatsApp features and leaks, has published a report about new findings in the latest beta version of WhatsApp. The Android beta app with the version number 2.19.327 found on the Google Play Store reveals a new dark theme wallpaper.

According to a website report, an addition of a dark theme wallpaper might be one of the final touches that WhatsApp implements before releasing the dark mode update.

However, there is no mention of the availability of dark mode in the 2.19.327 beta update but WABetaInfo has found some details that hint the release of dark mode soon on the Android app. The report includes a screenshot of a dark blue wallpaper with night blue colours of dark mode.

The traits of a dark mode on WhatsApp have been found in several updates. The messaging app recently released a beta update that features a dark Splash Screen feature. The wait for dark mode on WhatsApp shouldn’t be long as another update featured different modes of a dark mode on Android.

Some screenshots uploaded in the report show that WhatsApp would have a ‘Theme’ option in the Settings tab for enabling dark mode. Under the Theme window, there would be three options, namely Light, Dark, and System default. The light theme would offer a white background, which has been the case for many years. Dark theme, as the name suggests, would enable dark mode on WhatsApp.

With the new update, there is also a Dark Splash Screen that has been built for the Dark Theme which indicates that the screen also has been redesigned.

WABetaInfo has stated that the latest update does not reveal any launch date of the dark mode on WhatsApp. Upon release, the feature is expected to be available on iOS as well.