WhatsApp introduced Forwarded as Received messaging features to avoid misinformation

WhatsApp introduced Forwarded as Received messaging features to avoid misinformation:Well, as you all may know that Facebook attracted a lot of question lately and they don’t want to increase them and also they are looking back to gain the trust of their users. Now, the Facebook-owned messaging app is trying to tackle some of this with full-fledged advertisements in newspapers. They are advertising it and saying that they are fighting against the ‘False Information’. You all should know that this feature is very helpful because it will tell that from where the “wrong or false message” started.

You all should know that the reason behind this exercise is a number of stories around lynchings, mob violence across India widely shared on the messaging platform. We are sure that you all love this feature and this will make you all feel attracted towards it. One new feature is that every forwarded message now has a label: Forwarded. This will supposedly let users know that the message was not really written by the person who sent it.

You all should know that fighting misinformation on social media is not easy despite WhatsApp is trying hard to do it. You all should know that labelling a message as forwarded will not solve the problem, because people have been forwarding these irrespective of whatever the message claimed. Also, they know that these messages doesn’t stand chance still they have been reading and forwarding them again knowing fully well that these are forwards in the first place.

Still, we think that Forwarded messages are the best thing for the family, school groups in India because they will stop a lot of controversy before spreading.  You all should know that all of these messages will work miracle Ayurvedic cure for cancer or a political message, come with a line that really says it all ‘Forwarded as received,’ or ‘Please share widely’.