WhatsApp to Get Larger Emojis, Music Sharing, Video Calling and public groups features

WhatsApp to Get Larger Emojis, Music Sharing, Video Calling and public groups features :- At time in the Technology world where everyone is connected by the WhatsApp, which is the simplest way to share the information from one person to another and also sharing I the groups and after coming in the people daily lifecycle, It’s a platform to solving the sharing social problems , Use the WhatsApp to share the information, contacts, video’s and recently updated and that including the also document and now he’s adding the new feature which is sharing the direct music but not launched work on it .

WhatsApp Snap

Now WhatsApp has added these some new features lately, and a new another one is ready to add . The WhatsApp where it’s ability to sharing the photos and videos from one to one and one to group sharing, And now WhatsApp get upped the new added features of music by adding the support for documents.

In the addition of the sharing files, Also WhatsApp is enabling to support for the GIF files. But At this time, WhatsApp is hardly working on the direct sharing music files.

According to the update’s , The new feature of the WhatsApp was freaked and reported this news given by the German website, which was posted some screenshots of his website the wrote about this feature. The music sharing feature supported in IOS of the beta version of the WhatsApp, version .



With this newly added feature on WhatsApp, one can select any music from the store on your iPhone, and then music played remark in the message box in the music plays. Then the player includes in a red circle with the white musical note.

WhatsApp in IOS

But We are not sure this feature will be released in the publicly and when.