Who Is Boris Richard Jr? Louisiana Man Arrested For Sharing Videos of Corpses

The  Breaking news about a Louisiana man, who did an unexpected thing. This incident happened at the Smith Funeral Home. He was arrested for going Funeral home without permission and sharing Corpse videos on Face time. After doing a video shoot in the Funeral home, he is now in Police custody. After this incident, people want to know about this man. Where is he from? What is his name? Actually, what happened in the Funeral home? There are many questions are raising after this incident. This news is gaining attention on the web. If you want to know more about this man, so continue with this article till the end. let’s see it in detail.

Who Is Boris Richard Jr?

A man from Monroe, Louisiana was arrested for unlawfully entering a funeral home.  His name is Boris Richard. He is 21 years old. He lives in Louisiana. According to the reports, On April 7, at the Smith Funeral Home in Monroe, Ouachita Parish, this incident happened. Boris Richard has undergone autopsies with a friend. He was shooting graphic videos of corpses.  Boris Richard resides only ten miles away from the Funeral home. He entered the funeral home unlawfully. After the entering Funeral home, he started recording the “several corpses”. He was recording on his cell phone. According to the sources, he was sharing the disturbing videos with his “known person” using  Facetime.

Who Is Boris Richard Jr?

After this incident on April 7, he was arrested on April 10. He had a charge to enter without permission in the funeral home. He didn’t take permission from officials to enter the funeral home. According to the Monroe Police Department, Boris Richard entered between 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. When he entered the funeral room there were several Corpses presented. He was showing several corpses with an acquaintance. He recorded several corpses on his cell phone, the victim stated. Further, Boris Richard was not an office worker at the funeral home. He was not doing any work there. He also was advised to not enter the embossing room without permission.

According to the reports, he is now in police custody. After they have taken him into custody, On April 12, he was scheduled to appear in court. Moreover, his hearing was postponed until May 18. According to the Monroe Police Department, he comes after Megan Hess, and her mother Shirley Koch. Megan Hess and her mother Shirley Koch both are owners of a funeral home in Colorado. Megan Hess and her mother were arrested for selling hundreds of corpses. They both sell the corpses to the medical department. Megan Hess is 48. Reportedly, Hess Sold the golden teeth of some person and Hess earned $40,000 in this process. They have a big gang for selling copses the families consent. In this process, they earn many rupees. If we get any important information about this news, we will post it on the same page.

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