Who is Danelo Cavalcante’s Mom? Pennsylvania Fugitive Has Been Trained for Survival

In this article, we are going to talk about Danelo Cavalcante and his crimes and his mother is also getting attention. His mother wants justifies for his crimes and claims that “He doesn’t pose a threat to anyone”. The statement of his mother is gathering a lot of attention and lots of people are shwoing their attention to kwow more about this theory. There is an investigation is also continuing and various controversies are arriving related to this incident, so we made an article and shared the whole details about this incident.

Who is Danelo Cavalcantes Mom

Let us first know about Danelo Cavalcante who is a convicted murderer. On Thursday 31 August 2023, He called a wall and pushed through razor wire and now facing the various charges such as life behind bars, escaped from the Chester County Prison in Pocopson Township, Pennsylvania. After this incident, numerous of state and federal officers, on foot and horseback, combed through a heavily wooded area just outside the prison and expanded their search to find and arrest him. He escaped from the prison and now her mother shared a statement that went viral. Still, many details have been left to share with you.

Who is Danelo Cavalcante’s Mom?

Danelo is a Fugitive Pennsylvania prisoner whose mother, Iracema Cavalcante come out and said for his defense that “everyone had been lying about his crimes”. It is shared that the suspect likely has no shelter and less to eat or drink as he runs from the hordes of police officers frantically searching for him. Authorities are continuing to search and find him. Recently, he broke into an open garage to grab a gun and was shot by a resident after running away from the prison. This incident occurred on Tuesday 12 September 2023, then issued a warning that the man was less with a rifle and it is dangerous.

His mother is expressing her opinion that her son would be like to die than serve his rest whole life in prison. He was arrested for killing his former girlfriend, Deborah Brandao, in April 2021 and now he ran away from the prison. He is out of the prison and the police say that it is dangerous for others. Her mother claims that her fugitive son felt cornered forcing him to kill his partner in front of their young children. Her mother said ” It is better to die than to spend one’s his rest life in person.” The investigation is ongoing and we will update you soon. Stay tuned to dekhnews.com to read more articles.

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