Who Was Caden McGuire? TikToker Caden McGuire Involved In Car Accident CCTV Footage

Caden McGuire, who caught the attention of one of the most popular and trending content-creating platforms, TikTok was involved in a horrific car crash that brought him to the hospital. Yes, the popular TikTok personality, Caden McGuire met an accident in Nashville and currently, he is receiving treatment in the hospital. According to the sources, TikToker shared this news with his fans through his Twitter account and also shared a picture of himself lying on the bed of the hospital. Let’s find out what happened to Caden McGuire and how did it happen to him.

Caden McGuire

According to the sources, Caden McGuire is alright and even uses his social media handles to give his updates related to the accident to his followers. He also took his Facebook account to give an update and shared a picture of his damaged car. While writing this article, Caden shared a picture of himself and a picture of his damaged car with the caption,” I’m running out of lives but I ain’t dead yet”. Along with this, he also wrote,” Thank you all for checking on me. And all the texts and phone calls and comments. I’m hurting. I’m super sore. But I’m thankful I’m alive. I love you all”.

Who Was Caden McGuire?

According to the sources, Kaite Smith, who is the former fiancee of country musician Morgan Wallen shared a picture of his crashed car on Instagram on February 22 at around midnight. As per the media, Smith claimed to have been operating a totaled-out SUV. She said that Semi ran while there was a red light and struck the automobile.

Since the news of this accident was shared on social media, his fans and followers including many individuals are praying for his speedy recovery as he was totally injured in the tragic accident. It was a horrific moment for the entire family and also for the community who love to watch his videos on Instagram and TikTok. He caught the attention of the people on TikTok. Smith also injured in the accident as some pictures of her revealed that there was a swelling near her eyes that confirmed, she was in the car.

Well, there is no much updates related to the accident and neither police nor Smith told about someone who lost his/her life. We will share more updates regarding to the accident. Keep in touch with us.

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