Who is Going to Win Delhi Election in 2020 and WHY?

As the dates for the Delhi Assembly elections are now fixed, the competition between the parties is also increasing day by day. With this, the biggest question is arising that who will win Delhi Election in 2020 and Why? This we will get to know on February 11, but till then we can made the assumptions by seeing some of the facts.


Who Will Win Delhi Election in 2020?

Before starting any further, we must know some important details regarding the Delhi Elections 2020. First of all, the Delhi Election 2020 is going to be held on February 8 in single phase while the results for the same is going to be announced on February 11, the Election Commission of India said today on January 6 at 3: 30 pm. Secondly, this year, voting is going to be held across 13,750 polling stations and the Model Code of Conduct is effective immediately, Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora said. The poll supervisory body has also published the final electoral list, as per to which 1.46 crore voters are eligible for casting their franchise in the Delhi elections.

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In February 2015, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), led by Arvind Kejriwal, came to power in Delhi sweeping 67 of the 70 Assembly seats. The battle for the Capital is an esteem war for Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s ruling party i.e., Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which is seeking re-election after an impressive victory in the year 2015.

Now, this upcoming Delhi elections, seems to be quite interesting as the competition this time is quite high and the vote swing of Delhi voters is definitely going to make Delhi election interesting till the last moment.

Who are the star campaigners in Delhi Election 2020?

Well, overall by seeing the election wave, the real fight seems to be between BJP and AAP only, because it noticeably seems like Congress is not in the race this time. BJP on the other hand has won all the 7 Lok Sabha seats in the recently held parliament elections (AAP didn’t won any) which is the positive point for campaigning votes, in the assembly elections.

But at the same time, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal himself has some great influence among Delhites but not AAP as a political party, as the party itself is lacking of impressive leaders. But BJP stands out as a ruling party at the Centre and did many works for the welfare of the people at Delhi and also consists of great political leaders.

Congress on the other hand doesn’t seem to be in competition this time and the fight mode is on between BJP and AAP.

As we have earlier said that the competition seems to be between AAP and BJP, but it is likely to say that BJP has upper hand this time.

Who is Going to Win Delhi Election in 2020 and WHY?

However BJP has not declared the candidate for the post of Delhi CM, at the same time it has the major support of Delhites, if national issues are taken into consideration such as abrogation of Article 370, Triple Talaq, and so on.

While AAP on the other hand, has no other strong candidate other than Arvind Kejriwal to put forward for the election campaign. However, for making the announcement of freebies for the Delhites, AAP might see some increase in the voting percentage but it might not be enough for retaining the position of Arvind Kejriwal as CM of Delhi.

The major drawback we see here is that BJP overall is a strong party which consist of many strong candidates and leaders but AAP on the other hand is not a strong party and other than Kejriwal, there is no such strong candidate or leader who can lead the party.

The satisfaction level of Delhites has only comes from the Arvind Kejriwal’s personal popularity as the chief minister and the benefits he provided to the populates of Delhi such as free water charge, low price of electricity, improvement in school infrastructure, and so on.

However, the competition will be quite strong and there might be strong chances that the winning percentage between these two parties would be very close. The vote swing of Delhi voters will definitely make Delhi election interesting till the last moment and however BJP seems to be strong competitor but anything can’t be surely said, as there’s still some time left for the elections to be conducted. Therefore we should patiently wait for the result declaration on February 11.

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