Woman Conductor Helps Woman Passenger Deliver Baby Girl on KSRTC Bus in Karnataka

Today we are sharing an unusual incident of the birth of a baby girl on a bus and the credit goes to the woman bus conductor for assisting the pregnant lady on the bus. Yes viewers, you are getting right we are sharing with you the news that has been recovered from the Hassan district in Karnataka. The pic of the baby girl is viral and grabs the attention as the baby is born in a moving bus. It has been reported that both the mother and the baby are safe and doing well. The woman conductor helped the woman in need, as she had experience in nursing before joining the job of bus conductor. We are sharing with you the whole story of the birth of the baby girl on the bus. Be with us and read the whole article.

Woman Conductor Helps Woman Passenger

It has been reported that a pregnant woman was travelling from Bengaluru to Chikkamagaluru on the Bengaluru-Chikkamagaluru KSRTC bus on Monday. S Vasanthamma, who is 52 years old is the bus conductor was on her duty. Some passengers told her about the condition of a woman who was sitting in the corner seat. As Vasanthamma noticed her labour pains, she was quick to direct the driver to stop the bus. She at once urged the male passengers to evacuate the bus. Within a few minutes, the woman delivered the baby on the bus.

Woman Conductor Helps Woman Passenger

Female conductor, S Vasanthammas was appreciated for a noble cause as she was quick in realising and helping the young lady to deliver the baby. The mother of the newborn has been identified as Fatima. 52 years old S Vasanthammas could do this as she was an assistant in the labour ward in a hospital 20 years ago. She told the media about her experience as a nurse that helped her to assist the lady. The people who hailed the bus were happy, they also collected Rs 1500 for the admission of the woman to a local hospital as the lady who delivered the baby was very poor. Meantime, they also arranged an ambulance to shift the lady to the hospital.

Fatima and her newborn baby girl were admitted to a community hospital and are in good condition. Vasanthamma got an appreciation for her insight and compassionate approach towards the young woman in need. KSRTC managing director also assured the woman conductor will be honoured for the deed in a programme soon. We will be back to you with more updates from the corners of the world. Stay tuned.

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