3rd Weekend Dilwale Movie 18th Day Box Office Collection

3rd Weekend Dilwale Movie 18th Day Box Office Collection : Last month released Dilwale movie had collected Rs 160+ crore in India and still getting average response from the audience. This movie got very tough competition from Bajirao Mastani movie which was also released along with Dilwale. In Dilwale movie SRK and Kajol had played a superb role along with Varun Dhawan and Kirti Sanon. Kajol & SRK jodi is one of the most iconic pair of Indian cinema is making comeback in the silver screen which is giving goose-bumps to the fans and audiences anyway. Dilwale movie was directed by Rohit Shetty who is also known as king of super hits movie. This movie was released on 18th December 2015 in India and all over worldwide. Now below below get complete details of Dilwale Movie 3rd weekend Box Office Collection.

3rd Weekend Dilwale Movie 18th Day Box Office Collection

Dilwale Movie 18th Day Box Office Collection

Dilwale movie 18th day box office collection prediction report is below and this is the total sum of eighteen days. Dilwale movie is going very well and all the fans of Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kirti Sanon are watching the movie repeatedly for their awesome performances.

1st Day Earning : Rs. 21 Crore

2nd Day Earning : Rs. 20.09 Crore

3rd Day Earning: Rs. 24 Crore

4th Day Earning: Rs. 10.09 Crore

5th Day Earning: Rs. 9.42 Crore

6th Day Wednesday Earning: Rs. 8.79 Crore

7th Day Thursday Earning : Rs. 9.26 Crore

8th Day Friday Earning : Rs. 8.11 Crore

9th Day Saturday Earning : Rs. 6 Crore

10th Day Sunday Earning : Rs. 7.12 Crore

11th Day Monday Earning : Rs. 5 Crore

12th Day Tuesday Earning : Rs. 2.75Crore

13th Day Wednesday Earning: Rs.5 Crore

14th Day Thursday Earning : Rs. 4.5 crores

15th Day Friday Earning : Rs. 3.8 crores

16th Day Saturday Earning : Rs. 3.3 crores

17th Day Sunday Earning : Rs. 2.7 crores (approx.)

18th Day Monday Earning : Rs. 2.25 crores (Early Estimate)

Total Earning – Rs. 162 Crore (approx.)

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