A Men Shoot Arzoo & Sandhya! Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st April 2016 Episode Written Update

A Men Shoot Arzoo & Sandhya! Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st April 2016 Episode Written Update :- Puru provokes Arzoo to kill Sandhya and he gets successful. Arzoo agrees to do so. Sandhya comes out of the duct and thinks to meet Arzoo and when she stands up she sees Arzoo aiming Gun on her. Sandhya tries to convince her that Puru is the real culprit but Arzoo slaps her. Sandhya asks her to punish her however she wants but she will not let her shoot herself.

Arzoo shoot Sandhya! Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

After a fight, Arzoo fires and everybody is shocked hearing the gun fire. Arzoo rushes to the minister Puru and informs her she killed Sandhya and now she want him to take her to Pakistan. Puru left from there leaving her crying.

The commissioner and officers arrive on the spot but could not find anybody there. A constable reaches there to inform Arzoo is missing. They runs in search of her.

Both Arzoo and Sandhya are going somewhere with Suraj in police jeep. Arzoo went in flashback, while firing Suraj reaches there and tries to convince about Sandhya’s innocence but Arzoo didn’t believe him. Sandhya then says to believe on his Bhaijaan (Suraj). She tells her how he supports her when is being hatred by all and Suraj gives blood to her.

Diya aur baati hum episode written update

Arzoo aims gun on Sandhya but fires in air and runs back to the minister and says I killed Sandhya. After minister left, she bust into tears and apologize Sandhya and Suraj for not trusting them. Sandhya consoles her and says everything will be alright.

The commissioner searching for Arzoo informed that Sandhya is also missing. Suraj asks Sandhya where are they going she says where truth is heard only.

Precap: Suraj, Sandhya and Arzoo runs away breaking police barriers. Puru got to know instead killing Sandhya, Arzoo ran away with them. In anger he ask his commandos to kill them on the spot.