Abhishek saved Shravan’s life! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Iyer family enters to Bhalla house with the police force and alleged Toshi for kidnapping Shravan. Whereas Shravan is running and few kidnappers are behind him. He hides but got caught by kidnappers. He pulls them and ran away. Later he asks for help, from a drunk man. He fights with those kidnappers and saves him.

Abhishek saved Shravan life! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shravan senses that he know the person who helped him. But he says nobody knows him. The police force asks Toshi to let her come with them. But Romi helps his family to prove Toshi’s innocence. He proved that he is better than his brother Raman.

Iyer family got angry on Romi for supporting his family not them. Raman is dealing with his business only. Shravan calls Aadi and he tells him everything. Aadi takes him on a conference call with Bala but asks them to remain silent. They listen to Shravan. Aadi tries to convince him to go back to home but he refuses.

Shravan tells him his location. Raman recalls the situation of Ruhi. Aadi asks Raman about remembering Ishita but he refuses. Shravan discloses that person his identity and that person is Abhishek. He also recognizes Shravan and blames himself for past mishappenings. He thinks to help Shravan.

Raman got angry to know that Romi helped them. Ashok is happy to know that Romi is on his side and Bhalla family will never reunite.

Ishita is worried for Shravan. Mani asks him to go to Delhi. Ishita refuses at first but Mani insists her and she agrees to go.


Aadi reaches to bring Shravan. He asked to thank the person who saved him. Aadi is talking with Abhishek but he has turned his face.