Aradhya and Aryan is sad! Krishnadasi 2nd May 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last week episode of the TV series “Krishnadaasi” it has been shown that Aryan confesses his love for the Aradhya and also he said that he wants to marry Aradhya. Aradhya now said to Aryan about this that she is in no mood to marry Aryan as she is no need to have sympathy from the Aryan. But still Abba did nod to this marriage of Aryan and Aradhya, so the marriage preparation is now going on.

Aradhya and Aryan is sad! Krishnadasi 2nd May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Kumudini did a lot of drama and now she enters in the Abba’s house with the Shagun. Pavitra gives Shagun to Kumudini now and Kumudini gives the same to the Pavitra. But still Aradhya is in no mood to marry Aryan and she confesses that to the Kumudini. Kumudini, now eventually insulted Abba Saheb.

Now Kumudini said that, the drama which will be now creating, this will be epic. Aryan confessed his love for her to the Aradhya and shocked to know that, Aradhya is in no mood to marry him.

In today’s episode of we will see that Aryan will ask Aradhya that why she is upset? She will say sadly that she will not marry him. She will take off her hand and will about to leave from there and then Aryan will hold him and will say that I love you. Aradhya will be shocked to hear so.

Tulsi will meet Shankari and will say I am Kumudini’s daughter Tulsi. And will ask that you were telling me about swapping. Shankari will say yes I will tell you. And now Shankari tell to the Tulis, I am about to tell you a true story of baby swapping and this is something happened with the order of the Kumudini and I did so.

Now Shankari reveal the total truth in the front of everybody and the truth is that Aryan is Tulsi’s son and Aradhya is Pavitra and Shashwat’s daughter, all are shocked, Kumudini is anxious and everybody is shocked now.

PRECAP: Aaba says truth has come out and relationships are clear now, now Aryan and Aradhya will never get married. Aryan and Aradhya are shocked to know so and looked on with the teary eyes.