Chatayu says raavan in panchwati! Siya ke Ram 19th May 2016 Episode Written Update

Chatayu says raavan in panchwati! Siya ke Ram 19th May 2016 Episode Written Update :- The yesterday night episode of the mythological TV series Siya ke Ram begins with Sita was busy cooking food for Ram and Lakshman and the kids. Ram is very happy to have a wife like Sita . Sita was not well eventually, so Ram picked Seeta in his arms and takes her near the tree. Ram and Seeta get emotional at the same time.

Siya ke Ram Episode Written Update

Siya ke Ram Episode Written Update

Siya ke Ram Episode Written Update

Now Lakshman came with some bananas and said we have no eating issues now. You don’t have to be anxious now. Seeta asked to Lakshman why you are having sleepy eyes. Then the kids said that as Lakshman Bhaiya was taking care of you whole night.

Now Maa said to Sumitra why are you not sleeping. Sumritra said I am like this only… Shatrugan was shocked by seeing the love of Bharat towards Ram.

Bharat asked to Shatrughan what you are doing hard work for Ram and I can see that and realised. In the mean time, when Sita was busy washing the clothes of Ram, one child arrives and he asked to her that should I help you.

Sita said why not and rush in the hut to apply medicine on the Lakshman’s eyes. Meanwhile, an eagle comes and he take Sita’s child in front of Sita’s eyes.

Surpanakha talks with herself and says what will you do now Ram, You Sita will become Raavan’s Daasi soon, she says my heart will calm down when I see you unhappy and anxious for your Sita. Raavan’s wife Mandodari asks Raavan why he is keen to punish Sita, when his fight is with Ram. Raavan asks Mandodary not to interfere and he leaves from Lanka in order to kidnap Sita.

On the other hand, Mandodary try her best to prevent Raavan from doing the sin as between the conflict of two men Ram and Ravaan why there, he is dragging Sita. But all goes vain as Ravaan did not hear anything of the Mandodary. Stay tuned for the more updates of the popular TV series Siya Ke Ram.