Dasharath will give his everything to Viplav! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 13th April 2016 Written Updates

The yesterday night episode of the the daily soap “Ishq Ka Rang Safed” starts with Dhani is coming to the room and Viplaav asked her why did she seek apologised from the Raja. came to the room. Now Dhaani wanted to explain Viplaav but Viplaav thinks that why we should allow Raja to behave like an innocent as he is the culprit one.

Dasharath will give his everything to Viplav! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 13th April 2016 Written Updates

Dhaani stated that she had been seek apologised from Raja as if Raja would leave the Tripathi house, Shalu will follow him and Viplaav thinks that Dhaani did right as even Viplaav doesn’t wants Shalu to move with Raja. The entire conversations of the Viplaav and Dhaani were witnessed by Raja.

And now Raja recall the challenge given by Dhaani about Shalu that Shalu won’t allow him to go near her. Now Raja’s evil mind plan something. Now Raja and Shalu were in the car. Viplav and Dhaani are also yet to join them and Dhaani asked Viplaav to cheer up as Shalu did not went with Raja and she is right now in the Tripathi house. Now Raja is keep calling Dhaani as Suman and said that it is the sweet name my late brother gave to her.

And now Raja offers her vanilla ice cream, now Viplaav offer Dhaani to have Paan and Dhaani denied. Then now Raja said to Viplaav that please don’t force Sumaan Bhabh to have Paan my elder brother doesn’t liked her to have Paan. Viplaav looked angry on the Raja and Dhaani holds Viplav now.

Now Dashrath says to the Kanak that he will be having food after arrival of the kids and now Dashrath is shocked to see Viplaav come and he is very angry and Raja said that it is Dhaani created misunderstanding between us. Now Dhaani rush towards kitchen where Kanak said I denied you to come here then why you came.

Dhaani said as a Bahu of the Tripathi family, she is having right to do so and Kanak can’t prevent her from doing the same. Kanak became angry and looked on. Now Kanak scolded Dhaani and Dhaani start crying and Viplaav took her in their room and locked the door.

Viplaav also suggested Dhaani not to speak with Kanak and in their room Dhaani and Viplaav hug each other and say our plan is working now.