Gang Immunity Task! MTV Roadies X4 Episode 14th May 2016 Video Written Updates

Gang Immunity Task! MTV Roadies X4 Episode 14th May 2016 Video Written Updates :- On the stunt based reality TV shows MTV Roadies X4 each and every participant is giving their best performances. Especially one of the contestants Rubbal is trying his best to do the same. Last week we saw how he tried hard and gave his best performance to earn back his lost respect. The youth’s genre TV reality stunt based show MTV Roadies X4 air every weekend on the popular youngsters channel MTV.

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MTV Roadies X4 Episode 14th May 2016

The last week task of the participants was to wear traditional dress and it was Gaelyn, she was announcing the task which was a competition between teachers vs. student match! The task was a Bhutanese style wrestling match in which the members, attacker and defender would play together as well they will be attacked on the same.

Attacker now has to reach the place where he can click his pictures and they have to stand in front of the camera and the defender has to stop the attacker on this mission!

Yogesh were selected for the game from the Prince Gang and Rubbal was selected from the Ranvijay gang. Yogesh managed to register 4 photos but Rubbal only managed to capture one picture.

Due to Rubbal loses the game it is Ranvijay and his team got the immunity and other 3 gangs are in danger now and they need votes to bring out from this danger.

The voting system is going to be incredible this time in the Bihar and all members have to each other against one of their own gang members, the voting system done perfectly.

Kavya from gang Karan, Sunny from gang Prince, and Ocean from gang Neha got the maximum votes. Now, everyone had to cast their votes against these three participants’ in which eventually Sunny got the maximum votes and so got evicted from the show finally!

The upcoming episode of MTV Roadies X4 will be having a disgusting task in which the participants have to throw of blowing cockroaches into the opponent’s mouth. And also it is, Neha and Prince tried this task and Prince swallowed a cockroach! And also it is all set that the Prince Gang will be target Satish from the Neha gang.