Jyothika’s Comeback With 36 Vayadhinile (Vayathinile) Movie Review

Jyothika’s Comeback With 36 Vayadhinile (Vayathinile) Movie Review :- Tamil actress Jyothika’s just released flick 36 Vayadhnile well received by audiences, turn out to be comeback movie of the actress also. The film received positive review from critics as well. Fans’ reactions show that they want her to see more. Women centric movie is not every one’s “cup of tea” only an excellent actor has power to do so. Jyothika did it! Everybody now wants to know what kind of film she will do in future?

36 Vayadhinile

36 Vayadhinile

36 Vayadhinile Movie Review

The actress herself conform she will not do the role of typical heroin. So it’s a question what kind of role she will do? Apparently she will be part of more woman oriented good cinemas. Let see!!

36 Vayadhnile is a film which shows the women empowerment, the film deal with the concept that a women’s dream face expiry date for her age. After a certain age she will not get the things she wants.

Story : The storyline is very is very similar to Gauri Shinde’s Sri Devi starrer Hindi film English Vinglish. Both movies are about “Feminism”. Only differences is that shashi of English Vinglish can’t speak English, while Vasanthi of 36 Vayadhinile is an educated woman.

However, 36 Vayadhnile is not a typical women oriented film, it has some other creative stuffs which are very uncommon to Indian film industry.

In the film Jyothika playing role of an educated middle aged housewife Vasanthi, her life is only about her husband and her teen aged daughter. Her husband does not care about her much. For the betterment of family they move to Ireland with her husband decision and Vasanthi have to work now and she has to earn money. Film depicted that Vasanthi is unable to earn money as she is above 35 and she facing difficulties for her age. She is a talented woman who is capable for the job but her age is creating hindrances there.

The movie is about how she will deal with these problems. She is a self made strong woman so surely she will not compromised. She will fight with the situation or she will face defeat?

Find out the answer by watching the cinema. It will show you another side of a simple woman.

36 Vayadhnile is remake of Malayalam film “How old are you” with Malayali actress Manju Warrier. The film is supposed to remake in Hindi also with superstar Kajol in lead role.


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