Kaikeyi Is Against Sita’s Marriage With Siya Ke Ram 27th January 2016 Written Updates

Kaikeyi Is Against Sita’s Marriage With Siya Ke Ram 27th January 2016 Written Updates :- The last episode of the mythological TV serial “Siya Ke Ram” begins with the Raja Janak writes an invitation letter to King Dasharath. Raja Janaka wrote on the letter to Dashrath that Princess Sita’s future will be decided on the wish and approval of the Sita herself. Janaka also writes that we need to seek Vishwamitra’s blessings.

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Siya Ke Ram 27th January 2016 Written Updates

Now Sita goes to Vishwamitra to seek his blessings. Now Raja Janaka tried to be more formal with Vishwamitra but Vishwamitra says that we don’t need to be more formal. He needs to make Ram first his son-in-law that he can be more formal.

Meanwhile, Ram suddenly gives a look on Sita who had been stuck her eyes on Ram from the balcony. Urmila is very happy as Sita is getting married to Ram and they are very happy that Ravan defeated. Bharath and Shatrughan are very happy for Ram’s wedding and they informed it to Kaikayi.

Sita is happy for her marriage but she is also tensed that whether Ram will be like the food or not, Urmila said that she will invite Ram and also ask for his favourite food. Urmila said he will be definitely like it. So Sita is now busy preparing the feast.

Now Dhasharath informed to Rani Kaikeyi that Ram won Sita’s Swyamver. Now he is ready to marry Sita. But Kaikeyi is not happy with Ram and Sita’s wedding.

Kaikayi thinks that being the King of Ayodha Ram should not marry princess of Mithila. In the tonight episode of “Siya Ke Ram” it will be shown that Urmila will be meeting with Ram, and she will ask for Ram’s favorite food.

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