Mia New Queen ? MTV Splitsvilla Season 8 Ep 11 Video Today Tasks Fights Who Get Dump

Mia New Queen ? MTV Splitsvilla Season 8 Ep 11 Video Today Tasks Fights Who Get Dump : In Today’s episode of Sunny Leone’s MTV Splitsvilla Season 8 new queen name will be declared. Today is 11th episode of splitsvilla. Beautiful Sunny Leone is wearing white dress with white umbrella along with Karan Kundra who is wearing blue shirt will host today’s episode. For becoming new queen of Splitsvilla a real competition is between Subuhi Joshi, Vanessa D’Souza and Mia Lakra. The task is really simple. They have to dance in front of thousands of people in a pub. Who do you think would give a ravishing dance performance? Yes…. Its Subuhi…. and now again its 2nd time she is queen of MTV Splitsvilla Season 8. Now below get complete details of MTV Splitsvilla Season 8 Episode 11.

Splitsvilla 8 Episode 11

MTV Splitsvilla Season 8 Ep 11 Video Today Tasks Fights Who Get Dump

Subuhi is Again Queen of MTV Splitsvilla Season 8 Episode 11.

After all the performances, the crowd wanted sexy Sunny to do some hot moves and she did it. If possible, people would want her to become the queen of Splitsvilla. Now it was time for the crowd to vote for the best performer. Sunny was all set to reveal the hot news and she started with the bottom. With 30 votes Vanessa came third and the winner was either Mia or Subuhi.

The winner of first queen competition with a total vote of 110 is Subuhi. She proved herself and won the battle. Now that she’s the queen AGAIN, Subuhi has got a special power. Sunny revealed that Subuhi has the power to bring one of the banished boys (Prince or Yash) back to the villa.

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Splitsvilla Season 8 Episode 11 Video Today Tasks Fights

In today’s episode all contestants in pair team have to tick up Green Coconut with their body-parts but the suspense is that they have tick it up without using their hands. Its too much funny and a difficult task. And from our sources Ishaan and Reshu will win this competition. Krishma and Prince Fight also took place in today’s show.

Subuhi brought back Prince in Splitsvilla.

MTV Splitsvilla 29 August 2015 Episode 11 Main Points

  • Subuhi is 2nd time Queen
  • Coconut Task
  • Krishma And Prince Fight