MTV Roadies X2 Ep 5th Pune Auditions 21st Feb 2015 HD Video Written Updates

MTV Roadies X2 Ep 5th Pune Auditions 21st Feb 2015 HD Video Written Updates:- Here we are going to provide you all the details regarding the most popular show among the youth named as MTV Roadies Season X2 12th watch full episode 5 5th Auditions 21st February 2015 ep 21 Feb HD Video Written Updates tv reality series serial show summary guide judges contestants challenge task story sneak peek today latest Rannvijay Singh Vijender Singh Esha Deol Karan Kundra and many more. Roadies is considered to be the most amazing and popular show amongst the youth which teaches us that one should be bold and confident and obviously truthful, if you have all these three things in your life, then nobody can stop you to achieve your dreams. Many of the Roadies earlier winner’s made their career and got a lot of fame and many great chances in the bollywood which really boost up their career and anybody can be here, if they have the above said qualities in them.

MTV Roadies X2 Ep 5th Auditions 21st Feb 2015 HD Video Written Updates

MTV Roadies X2 Ep 5th Auditions 21st Feb 2015 HD Video Written Updates

Watch Full Episode 21st February 2015 HD Video Today Latest Pune Auditions

Here we are  going to provide you all the details and the latest HD Video of the ep 5th of Roadies X2 aired on 21st Feb 2015 given below :-

MTV Roadies X2 Ep 5th Pune Auditions 21 Feb Written Updates Sneak Peek

First list out candidate named Martini, who performed fusion belly dance on the song maiya maiya from the movie Guru for the judges. Everybody cheered for her much. well she is a physiotherapist. she was so scared and took the form designed to show their thinking so cooly, so judges scold her for that and she started crying, so at the end it was decided that she can’t be a roadie this time.

Next candidate Rahul, he was also not chosen as he was a professional basketball player but he took everything with nonesense tipe case, like there were different questions and answers and he was not clear what he was saying, so he was also not selected.

Next candidate Prince, he is physically too strong and a Punjabi too. So he was made to do some tasks but he is not at all mentally strong, but since he was kind of impressed the judges so, rannvijay and vijender pressed buzzer, and now Prince have to chose the one from these two gangs, he chose Rannvijay as he is a great fan of him and his dream fulfilled of being a Roadie.

Next candidate Laksh, he is a professional kathak dancer, passionate about dance a lot. He is really a great and sweet person but mentally he kind of seemed too weak so judges didn’t pressed buzzer for him as a team part.

Next candidate Archis, he is a professional football player, he is registered in Guinness as well as Limka book of world records. He performed really well with his football which was really very very amazing. Esha didn’t took time to select him and after his performance, he just pressed a buzzer and now he is in her team.

Next candidate Anam, she is a bike rider and learning bike stunts too, and making her career in different felds too. She was physically and mentally both weak, so judges told her to come next year more prepared for being a roadie.

Next candidate Jed, he is too sweet and judges want that if he is too strong to be a part of it and be able to make and protect his place in the show, so he have to prove it now with Vijender Singh. Now he is given with 60 seconds in which he performed some great strength requiring acts which were really great. He got three buzzers from Vijender, Esha and Karan. He chose Vijender’s gang.

MTV Roadies Season X2 Judges Rannvijay Karan Esha Vijender Gang Contestants Final List Performance

So here are the amazing Roadies X2 judges or we can say gang leaders who are going to be the main element this time, who are gonna judge as well as showing the right path to the contestants of how to move further and what to do next :-

  • Rannvijay Singh
  • Karan Kundra
  • Vijender Singh
  • Esha Deol

Following are the contestants selected till now in the show amongst the different gang leaders :-

Rannvijay Singh Gang

  • Monica
  • Varun
  • Madhuri
  • Gurmeet
  • Divya
  • Subham
  • Prince

Esha Deol Gang

  • Mamta
  • Rajatdeep
  • Shruti
  • Neetu
  • Harsh
  • Archis

Karan Kundra Gang

  • Ajay
  • Victoria
  • Bhuvan
  • Ishpi
  • Hussain
  • Nabila
  • Nihaal
  • Rizwan
  • Naman

Vijender Singh Gang

  • Kajal
  • Ishita
  • Chahat
  • Amneet
  • Aviral
  • Mandeep
  • Jed

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