Pavitra pushes Aradhya from terrace! Krishnadasi 5th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last episode of the TV series “Krishnadasi” started with Nakku says to the Abba that Chima Ji come here to meet with you and Kumudini also come there. Kumudini asked Aradhya to go in the kitchen to have some breakfast and Aradhaya leaved. Kumudini have a discussion with the Chima Ji and Abba.

Pavitra pushes Aradhya from terrace! Krishnadasi 5th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Pavitra is shocked to see that Aradhya is in kitchen and asked her to go out from the kitchen as Pavitra is in no mood to believe, Aradhya as the daughter in law of the Abba Saheb’s house and she asked Purva to help her in the cooking. But Purva said she will not do so, as she doesn’t like cooking and leaved.

But Pavitra scolded Aradhya, why you are standing here as you think yourself right. Just leave, I don’t want to see your face. Aradhya now goes and stared crying but Sashwat come there and asked her to serve him Halwa. But Aradhya asked to him, I can’t serve you as Aunty Jee is there and Sashwat said, nobody can stop you from serving me food, as you are my daughter.

Now everybody have lunch together and Aryan asked aradhya to sit beside him which makes Purva angry. Also Kumudini and Abba Saheb had been seen taunting each other and Aryan also holds Aradhya’s hands, which makes Aradhya anxious.
In the mean time, when Aradhya and Aryan listen in the temple that people are suffering from the scarcity of the water, Aradhya decides to bring water for the villagers by doing social campaign and Aradhya also decides to talk the same with the Chima Ji. Aryan gives his nod.

Now Aryan holds her from shoulders and said that I love you and if, you want something Chimaji to do for the welfare for the people, he must do so. But in his maind and between Abba and Chima Ji, decides that, it is Aryan will be marrying Purva not the Krishnaadasi daughter and we will be making that happened.

Precap: Aradhya was busy doing the Aarti in the terrace but Pavitra come and thinks that I won’t allow Arayan to marry a Devdaasi’s daughter and she pushes Aradhya and Aradhya fallen down and Aryan is shocked to see so.