Pragya Shift Her Mother’s House! Kumkum Bhagaya 22nd April 2016 Episode Written Update

Pragya Shift  Her Mother’s House! Kumkum Bhagaya 22nd April 2016 Episode Written Update :- Abhi and Pragya hugging each other. Tannu Aaliya and Mithali celebrating their win and having drinks. Tannu is selecting card for her wedding. Whereas, Abhi is upset as he lost her true love Pragya. Pragya cheer him up saying they still can be friends and she’ll be with him on each step.

Kumkum Bhagya episode


Abhi was just about to kiss Pragya’s cheek meanwhile Rachna enters. Abhi feels awkward and comes out of the room. Tannu hears Abhi talking himself seeing the mirror. Tannu asks Abhi what is he talking about? Abhi hides about that kiss.

Tannu asks him to stay away from Pragya now he got divorced with her and soon they will be married.

Tannu goes out of the room to take a call. Abhi thinks about Pragya. Tannu picks up the call and it is from Nikhil he ask her to send his contribution helping her to get Abhi and Pragya divorced. Tannu promises to pay him after she got married to Abhi.

Abhi thinks if Tannu might not be in his life then Pragya will be with her forever. Tannu goes to Abhi after disconnecting call and is happy to see Abhi has chosen their wedding card.

Pragya rushes throughout the room in search of a file. Rachna asks why she is blushing so much? Pragya tells about her feelings to Rachna. Rachna is happy for Pragya. Pragya feels motivated and happy.

Nikhil enters to the Abhi’s house along with Lawyer and ask him to final the divorce as soon as possible. Purab sees Nikhil with Lawyer and thinks what he’s doing here.

Both reaches to Tannu and Aaliya and Tannu starts taunting him Aaliya asks to keep quiet but she continued. Nikhil shuts her up and asks her she will make him CEO of Abhi’s company.


Abhi asks Pragya, after divorce whether she will stay in his house or will shift to her mother’s house. Pragya looks at her. Pragya tells Tannu, neither her divorce nor your marriage has been processed yet and she will make her lose everything by her tricks.