Pragya will be out of the House! Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2016 Written Updates

Pragya will be out of the House! Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2016 Written Updates : The latest buzz of the daily soap “Kumkum Bhagya” is saying that it is that, finally, Pragya will drink alcohol by mistake and eventually she will be signing divorce papers. She was signing the same, being unaware of it and as per Tanu’s suggestions, Abhi will be taking her signature by deceiving her.


Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2016 Written Updates

As we saw in the previous episode of the soap opera “Kumkum Bhagya” Tanu did emotionally blackmailed to the Abhi and asked him to take divorce from the Pragya by deceiving her as otherwise she won’t will be giving divorce and we need to take divorce from her for the sake of our wedding and we need to tie knot as soon as possible for this unborn baby who is all set to come in this world.

It is Abhi get irritated with the Tanu’s trade mark talking and walked away on anger from the Tanu as he is in no mood to take divorce from Pragya by deceiving her. But Abhi is also very emotional for his unborn kid as Tanu already told him that, “Agar Tum Mujhse Shaadi Nahin Kar Sakte, Toh Tume Koi Haq Nahin Hain Is Bachche Ko Apna Kahne Ka” (If you can’t marry me, then you having no right on this unborn kid, who is sleeping right now in my stomach).

Anyway, the upcoming episode of the “Kumkum Bhagya” will be showing that, it is Pragya will drink alcohol by mistake and will get really high. In her drunken state, she will sign the divorce papers which is Abhi has been brought in his hands given by Tanu to him.

It is very clear that Abhi did not deceive her; it is so Pragya did this as she thought that here Abhi need sign and this is something part of the professional of the Abhi’s. Pragya also confessed her love for the Abhi in her drunken stage and Abhi is shocked to hear so as Abhi thinks that now Pragya cut all kind of relationship with him. Abhi looks on now and Pragya said to him some romantic lines.

Pragya said, “Jiski Tasveer Dil Me Ho, Use Saamne Kaise Laayoo” (How I can bring the same image, which is right now hides on my heart and which is actually Abhi’s picture). Now Abhi lost in Pragya’s eyes, after listening these romantic confessions made by the Pragya for the Abhi!!!