Pratima gets Suhani’s call! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd May 2016 Episode Written Update

Yuvraaj and Sambhav bump into each other and Yuvraaj misunderstands that Yuvaan is his son. Yuvaan got discharged and he wants to call Yuvaani to apologize to her. Yuvaan and Yuvaani apologize for each other and thanked each other. Yuvraaj and Suhani just about to talk each other but Golu suddenly came and Suhani’s phone broken into pieces.

Pratima gets Suhani's call! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd May 2016 Episode Written Update

Suhani wonders why his voice is so familiar to her? She thanked him with a message writing her name in the message. Yuvraaj got her message and find her name strange as she misspelled her name in the message. He replies with a welcome.

Somya finds a ticket and asks Yuvraaj, is he going to U.S.? Yuvraaj says it is not confirmed yet but Somya insists him for her daughter’s sake.

Yuvaan misbehaves with Suhani but Sambhav came and makes Yuvaan guilty for his mistake then Yuvaan apologize to Suhani. Sambhav tells that he met Yuvraaj in the hospital and all of them got upset with this.

Yuvraaj is leaving for U.S. all of the family members surprises Yuvraaj with a remembering departure for him and say goodbye to him.

Suhani is worried why their fate is trying to let them met after such a long time? Finally, Yuvraaj left to the airport.


Suhani is on call. Pratima received her call and asks her to speak. She says if she is not intended to speak and why she dialed the number? Suhani recognizes her and tries to speak but couldn’t.