Ragini Fights with Lakshya! Swaragini 20th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Ragini Fights with Lakshya! Swaragini 20th April 2016 Episode Written Update : In the last night episode of the TV series “Swaragini” it has been shown that Swara handed over the key of home to Maa and she said that she is having desire to handover this key to the Pareenita. Now the flashback was shown when Swara asked Maa to give keys to Parineeta. But Maa said to the Swara it was your responsibility but Swara said I want Bhabhi to take this responsibly.


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And I am having no regrets on it. So now Maa handover the key to the Pareenita with the expectation that Pareenita will be complete her responsibility properly. Pareenita is on the cloud nine now and she decides to teach lesson to Swara and Ragini. Adarsh is not happy with the changed behaviour of the Swara.

Next day Uttara left for the picnic with her friends and Swara is being sceptical about Uttara as Uttara is meeting with her friends after a long time. Now Pareenita arrived and said to the Swara and Ragini and said that it is Swara and Ragini need to complete all household chores alone as she is going for her friends Godh Bharai Rasam and will be back after a long time.

Sujata and Annapurna said now that they are going to the Mandir and Sujata did not liked Pareenita’s attitude and Pareenita shows her tantrum and left for the Godh Bharai Rasam. Swara and Ragini shocked to see so.
In the night it shows that Sanskar and Swara was coming down out of their room. They both were arguing and on that incidentally Sanskar put his hand up to move Swara aside and he slapped Swara. Swara started crying now and Ragini move towards her and shouted at Sanskar.

Sujata also shouted at Sanskar that how he can raise his hands to a woman. The entire family gather together and shocked. Initially Pareenita was shocked but gradually she showcased her evil smile and looked on.

In tonight episode of the “Swaragini” it will be shown that Sanskar willbe trying to seek pardon from her but Swara is fumes in her anger and close the door. Ragini also fights with Lakshay as she thought that it is Lakshay is supporting her brother Sanskar. Annapurna will be seen scolding Pareeniti for her effort to bifurcates the Maheshwari family which makes Pareenita so angry.