Rajat threaten Parineeta! Swaragini 6th May 2016 Episode Written Update

In the last episode of the daily soap “Swaragini”, it has been shown that we saw that Swara and Sanskar got caught by Rajat’s fake parents and they got threaten by them. Rajat’s fake mum pointed knife on Swara’s neck and then Swara compel to reveal everything to the Rajat’s fake parents.

Rajat threaten Parineeta! Swaragini 6th May 2016 Episode Written Update

That the Swara and Sanskar come here in order to steal the MMS from the Rajat’s laptop as in the laptop there is Uttara’s MMS has been stored. Sanskar was also became so scared and try to protect Swara.

But somehow Swara managed to took all the photos from the laptop of Rajat. But eventually, Rajat’s fake mum and dad taunt Swara by saying there is something special in laptop anyway and now Swara is shocked to see a file is there which is protected with the password.

But Bengali brain, Swara managed to break the password and take all the photos but till then Rajat came at home. Rajat took the pen drive from his fake dad and warned him not to touch his belongings. Swara took that in his room managed to escape with Sanskar.

They came to Lakshya and they all destroyed the Pen drive. Swara asked about Ragini. Lakshya told her that she went to meet Sharmisjhta mom.

Now Ragini moved in the Goradiya house and shocked to see that in the house Bengali and Marwadhi fight going on again. Neighbours told her that her mother is pregnant and is going to give birth to the baby and Ragini is thrilled as well shocked to know so and asked to her mom. Her mom said yes and Ragini is literally stunned now.
In the tonight episode of the TV serial “Swaragini” we will see that Ragini will go happy by hearing this and will say what’s wrong in this. Everyone deserves to be a mother doesn’t matter in what age. I am very happy, that Maa is going to give birth to my sibling.

Now all of sudden Parineeta’s mother will come to know that Parineeta is missing from the house. She will come to Maheshwari house. And Pareenita’s mom will be seen crying and will ask the questions to the Maheshwaris, how her daughter has been disappeared.

Swara will be seen consoles to the Pareenita’s mom and Swara will be also promised to her that, anyhow, Swara going to bring Pareenita. In the mean time, when Pareenita will be asking Rajat to leave her, Rajat will be saying, I will never leave you as from now onward, it will my plans and I will be apply that on you. Pareenita is shocked to hear so.