Randeep Hooda Laal Rang Movie Music Review Audience Response Public Live Tweet

Randeep Hooda Laal Rang Movie Music Review Audience Response Public Live Tweet Well, “Lal Rang” is not one of awaited movie of the year even this movie has not that big buzz and recently people talking about the music of the movie and that’s cool because movie is not that good but I think Buzz of the movie can increase after the hit of Music between average audiences.

Back to back Thriller movies ready to hit the theatre and after Fan i think Lal Rang will entertain the people but here one thing that i am worried about is this movie can compete with “Fan” well that’s going to be big issue that’sright that these movies didn’t releasing in same day but i think Fan can effect this movie after a week to because of SRK.

Laal Rang 2016 Hindi Movie Randeep Hooda

Laal Rang 2016 Hindi Movie Randeep Hooda

Randeep Hooda Laal Rang Movie Music Review

Well, now i am going to talk about the Music of “Lal Rang” it’s hit because of some regional songs but i think songs fully failed in making impact between youngsters a lot and the reason is movie has not that good main leading actors expect “Randeep Hooda”.

Now music section of the movie is going average and I think can attract average audience in upcoming days towards the movie. Makers released “Bhang Ragad Ke” first and after that song people were bit excited about the movie and started waiting for the full music release.

This movie has six songs and all are good except “Kharch Kardoo” because only that song I found in album was not that good and the reason is this song didn’t making sense between listeners also people love good lyrics with meaning full lines and i think somewhere this song is fully failed on it.

Also movie had one heart touching song for the listeners called “Aye Khuda” i think that song is the power bank of the music album of this movie because that song has good emotion with the correct lyrics and that make sense also movie has one light heart song called “Bawali Booch” and i think that song is also interesting and i love the melody that song had.

In the end, Music is good and making sense in lot of place except in few songs also I guess youth can fell connection with the album but people have good options. And in my words this movie music deserves 3 points from 5 because of the two amazing songs.