Ritik stabs Shivanya! Naagin 24th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Ritik stabs Shivanya! Naagin 24th April 2016 Episode Written Update: In the yesterday night episodes of the supernatural turn horror TV series “Naagin” we saw that Shivanya came to know that Yamini is the fifth killer of her parents and Shivanya also get to know this that Yamini is already aware of her reality. Now eventually, in a Puja ceremony Yamini asked Shivanaaya to sit in the Puja.

Ritik stabs Shivanya! Naagin 24th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Yamini’s aim is to grab the Naag Mani from the Shivanaaya forever, and now that is why Yamini is looking forward to have the opportunity. Now Shresha stood up in the Puja in place of Shivanya but Shivanya called Sapera and Shresha gets exposed in front of all.

It is revealing now that she is none other than Yamini who provoked and did brain washing of Shresha to make her go against Shivanya for Ritik. Yamini asked Shresha to give her the Naag Mani and then she will be giving Ritik to her and Yamini said she is also ready to make Shresha, Bahu (Bride) of the Raheja family.

So Shresha due to she is madly in love with Ritik, she agreed to move against Shivanya. Then Shresha decided to play a game in which made Shivanya her imprisoned in which Sresha had a Amar (Immortal) life and she can live this with Ritik forever and now she will be living with Ritik as husband and wife.

In the tonight episode of the horror TV series “Naagin” it will be shown that see that Shresha will plan to move a step ahead with Ritik in the form of Shivanya and will be try to have a honeymoon night with Ritik. Shivanya will get sad of this and will try her best to trap Sresha for this she even will be coming close to the Ritik.

Shivanya will tell Ritik that Ankush Raheja (Ritik’s Father) and Yamini (Ritik’s Mother) is the killer of her parents and she has killed her parents for their greed for the Naag Mani. Ritik will be became so angry after hearing this and he will be losing his control and raise his hands on the Shivanaaya.

Shivanaaya said to Ritik whether you believe it or not but this is the reality and you have been trapped in this evil conspiracy and I will be bringing out from the same. Shivaanaya will be taking Ritik to Ankush Raheja and she asked Ankush Raheja to narrate him the same.

When Ankush Raheja denied saying the truth, Shivanaaya warn her that she will be then biting her. So now when Ankush Raheja is about to narrate the story to Shivanaaya and Ritik somebody kill him and killer is the none other than Yamini.

She kills Ankush as she wants to have the total wealth of the Naag Mani and she is no mood to share it with anyone. Ritik and Shivanaaya are shocked to see so.