Shocking Sangram Hear War Bugel! Naagin 10th April 2016 Written Updates

Shocking Sangram Hear War Bugel! Naagin 10th April 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the horror TV series “Naagin” it has been shown that Rithvik wished Shivanya happy 6 month wedding. He said that he again saw a dream to save Nagin and that Nagin wanted to kill his family. Shivanaaya did not show much interested on the Rithvik’s dream and only wished him back.


Naagin 10th April 2016 Written Updates

Ankush came in the room. Yamini talked romantically. He asked if she was speaking to him. Yamini said she is having a way to kill the Nagin. Yamini said another Nagin is coming tonight in the party. Ankush asked now what the plan is. She stated that now in the party Ankush have to act like he has been lost the ring and now will Ankush starts walking. Surely the Nagin will now follow him to bite him and that time we need to shoot her.

Ankush said to the Yamini that this one is the brilliant idea. Now Angad said we need to click a picture of the Rithvik and Shivanaaya together. Amrita said the same and asked them to sit together properly. Yamini come and asked to the Amrita and Angad not to give them trouble and she said them to get ready for the party.

Now in the party Ankush says that he is feeling the presence of the Nagin and also act like he has lost the ring of the Guru Maa. So now Sresha tell this to Shivanaaya that it is perhaps Ankush Raheja loss the Guru Maa’s ring which was giving protection to him. Now Ankush managed to bring Shivanaaya in an isolation area in order to shoot her.

Now Shivanaaya realised that it was an evil plan of the Ankush Raheja to bring her here by lying to her in order to kill her. So now Shivanaaya ran to save her life and asked to the tribal women that this goons want to kill her. The tribal women asked to the Shivanaaya that she will be giving her protection.

In the mean time, Sresha arrived on a blind date with Rithvik in the form of Shivanaaya to find out that there is a marriage Mandap and both of them has been coming in marriage get up to get married again.

Rtithvik said this is a pleasant surprised for her but Sresha is shocked to see so and thins that how she can marry her sister Shivanaaya’s husband and became anxious. Rithvik looked on and lost on the Sresha’s eyes.