Surekha Worry For Parineeta! Swaragini 12th April 2016 Episode Written Update Online Hotstar

Surekha Worry For Parineeta! Swaragini 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update Online Hotstar The last night episode of the TV series “Swaragini” starts with the arrival of the Pareenita’s mom in the Pooja ceremony. The entire Maheshwari family has been welcome her with an open arm and Pareenita rush towards her mom to embrace her. Annapurna now makes Pannu introduced with her newlywed Bahus Swara and Ragini.

Parineeta faints during dance! Swaragini 11th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Now Pannu praised Swara and Ragini and said the Bahus to bring the kids here fast as my daughter is unable to become mother. This sentence makes Pareenita hurts and now the dance organised in the house where Swara, Ragini and Pareenita dance together.

But while, dancing it was Pareenita got slip and everybody starts laughing at her which makes her sad and she found herself below from the Swara and Ragini. Now the Pooja ceremony done and now Adarsh announced that we will three brothers will be giving gifts to our wives it is something special plan by us.

So now the task of the giving gifts started, firstly Lakshay gives a beautiful year ring to Ragini which makes her sentimental as after a long time she get what she was looking for. And Lakshay also said something touchy to Ragini which makes her go in cloud nine, such as, “A beautiful gift for my beautiful wife” followed by some Shaayari said by himself to the Ragini.

Now Sanskar give a gift to Swara and Swara receives it romantically. Now it is the time for Adarsh to give the gift to the Pareenita and Pareenita is shocked to see that it is Adarsh give her a gift of the Mithaai Ka Dabba (Sweets Box) which makes her some weird.

And now Pareenita insulted Adarsh by saying that if you forget to bring gift for me, it was okay but why give me Meethai Ka Dabba (Sweets Box) instead of the gifts and keep it in the front of the Maheshwaris. The entire family is shocked to Pareenita in this avatar as Pareenita never behave like this ever.

So now Pareenita is became insecure of the Swara and Ragini and decides to regain her position back as the eldest daughter in law but she did not lost anything anyway.