Tamil Darling 2 Movie Review & Rating | Box Office Collection | Hit or Flop

Tamil Darling 2 Movie Review & Rating | Box Office Collection | Hit or Flop : The Tamil horror cinema “Darling 2” is ready to hit theatre in the coming weekend with bang. The film has been promoted well up to the mark and as per report this one is the sequel of the last year horror flick “Darling”. The film has been directed by the debutant Sathish Chandrasekaran and produced by Rite Media Works. The film features the new comers’ stars including Kalaiyarasan along with debutant Rameez Raja in the lead roles.


Tamil Darling 2 Movie Review & Rating

The film was earlier titled “Jinn”, and it is K. E. Gnanavel Raja, impressed with the film, acquired the rights for the film and renamed it to the “Darling 2”, to touted it as the sequel of the last year flick “Darling”. “Darling 2” is a horror comedy which is based on the true story which is a supernatural incident from his life.
Chandrasekaran was on a road trip with five friends in 2012 when he experienced frightening events at the resort where he was all set to stay with his friends. As per the report it is saying so.

Chandrasekaran said about this to the media that, “That night each of us experienced strange situations there but for fear of being ridiculed by the others, we did not share it”. And due to the Chandrasekaran encounter this something scary he decides to make a film on it and here it is the film is.

It will be interesting to see whether the director’s effort has been fruitful or not when the film will be hitting theatre this weekend. Post productions work of the film has been done and the promotions also go up to the mark.

Positive points of the film “Darling 2”:

“Darling 2” is a horror genre movie which is favourite genre of the youths
Interesting plot
The story of the movie is based on the true incident

Negative points of the film “Darling 2”:

Horror genre is not sometimes liked by the everybody
There is no huge star cast in the movie
Low buzz, promotions, hype and publicity

Details of the film “Darling 2”:

Film: “Darling 2”
Star cast: Kalaiyarasan, Rameez Raja, Dr Maya, Kaali Venkat, Hari Arjunan and Ramdoss
Directed by: Sathish Chandrasekaran
Written by: Sathish Chandrasekaran
Produced by: K. E. Gnanavel Raja
Music by: Radhan
Genre: Horror comedy
Rating: 3/5 ***

Final Verdict: Being a horror movie fan you will love the movie “Darling 2”!!!