Thapki is with Bihaan! Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th May 2016 Episode Written Update

The last night episode of the TV series “Thapki Pyaar Ki” starts with Bihaan and Thapki seeing each other and crying. Mai tere ishq mein……….plays………… He recalls their moments of togetherness. And now Thapki cries, and think that Bihaan can’t kill Bau Ji as Bihaan loves him a lot.

Thapki is with Bihaan! Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th May 2016 Episode Written Update

Now the entire Pandey family has been seen crying and Dadi is totally broken down. Dhruv went near Dadi and asked her to eat some food but Dadi denied and she curse the moment when, she sent Bihaan to meet with Bau Ji as in that moment, Bihaan try to kill Bau Ji and now he is in hospital.

Now Dhruv consiles Dadi and pledge her to eat something as since, morning the Dadi did not eat anything and also Dhruv thinks how can he consoles himself as he is also totally broken down. Despite, he is busy consoling his family and tries to look strong in front of them.

Now Shraddha thinks it is a golden opportunity, to brain washed Dhruv, against my enemy Bihaan and to reach near Dhruv and I will use it. So now Sharaddha started criticising Bihaan in front of Dhruv and repeatedly she said that Bihaan try to kill Bau Ji. And Vasu also break Bihaan’s photo but Dhruv make sure to the Vasu that we will be giving him punishment anyway and I am looking forward to have a good lawyer.

Now Vasu asked Bihaan to leave the house and throw out his bag and Thapki come there and she had been seen supporting Bihaan, Thapki also advocate for Bihaan that, he can never hurt Bau Ji. Now Vasu asked Thapki to choose between the Pandey family and Bihaan. And Vasu wanted reply from her but Thapki folds her hands and said to the Vasu that I am with Bihaan as I know that he is innocent.

Vasu and the entire Pandey family are shocked to hear so. Thapki cries and Vasu looked on. Dhruv is also shocked.
Precap: Thapki says you always use right hand, but whoever attacked Bau ji is leftie, I m sure you are innocent, I will prove this. And now she stands against the family for Bihaan, and also said that she will prove that.