Today 7 Jan Bajirao Mastani 21st Day Box Office Collection

Today 7 Jan Bajirao Mastani 21st Day Box Office Collection : Bajirao Mastani including today has covered its 21 Days on the box office. In the Indian Cinema , the movie is recorded as historical epic movie of the year 2015 in the Bollywood. Also, the nice star cast that made the movie real on reel are Deepika Padukone as Mastani, Ranveer Singh as Bajirao and Priyanka Chopre as Kashibaai . All have given their best in the movie and Sanjay leela Bhansali whose dedication for the movie is clearly appeared on the screen.

Today 7 Jan Bajirao Mastani 21st Day Box Office Collection

Bajirao Mastani Total Box Office Collection

Day 1st Friday Earning – Rs.12.80 Crore

Day 2nd Saturday Earning – Rs.15.52 Crore

Day 3rd Sunday Earning – Rs.18.45 Crore

Day 4th Monday Earning – Rs.10.25 crore

Day 5th Tuesday Earning – Rs. 9.40 Crore

Day 6th Wednesday Earning – Rs.9.21 Crore

Day 7th Thursday Earning – Rs. 10.52 Crore

Day 8th Friday Earning – Rs. 12.25 Crore

Day 9th Saturday Earning – Rs. 10.30 crore

Day 10th Sunday Earning – Rs.11.75 crores

Day 11th Monday Earning-Rs.8 crores

Day 12th Tuesday Earning –Rs.7.5 crores

Day 13th Wednesday Earning- Rs. 7 crores

Day 14th Thursday Earning- Rs. 6.5 Crores

Day 15th Friday Earning- Rs. 6 crores

Day 16th Saturday Earning- Rs. 5 crores

Day 17th Sunday Earning – Rs. 4.75 Crores

Day 18th Monday Earning – Rs. 4.5 crores

Day 19th Tuesday Earning- Rs. 4.2 crores

Day 20th Wednesday Earning – Rs. 3.75 crores

Day 21st Thursday Earning – Rs. 2 Crore(Early estimate)

If we look at the performance of movie on the box office , it is still doing better on its 3rd Wednesday also. But with the time , Bajirao Mastani is getting low occupancy rate and on this upcoming Friday , it will have to share screens with the new upcoming movie ‘WAZIR’ which is featured with star of the millennium ‘Amitaabh Bachaan’ which can affect its business.

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