Watch Nagin 2nd January 2016 Episode Written Updates

Watch Nagin 2nd January 2016 Episode Written Updates : The last week episode of the TV series “Nagin” starts with hawks attacking Sesha. Ankush was going to the Guru maa with his whole family but suddenly his van meets with an accident and its stuck on cliff and is about to fall when Ankush encourages Shaliesh to come down as Guru Maa’s Ring is with them and “Nagin” cannot harm them.

Watch Nagin 2nd January 2015 Episode Written Updates

Nagin 2nd January 2016 Episode

Shailesh gets out of van with him and they both try to pull back car, but could not. Ankush asks everyone to get out of main door and then asks everybody to be in center of Sailesh and Ankush. They are having Guru Maa’s Ring in their hands so “Nagin” can’t harm them. They will be reaching to Guru Maa’s cave together.

Rithik sees his car tyres punctured and says Shivanya that tyres were fine when they went in but now punctured. He will inform mom that they cannot attend Yagna. Shivanya relaxes and thinks she wanted Rithik not to attend Yagna.

Ankush with group reaches Guru Maa’s cave and says “Nagin” tried to harm them and they somehow escaped and came here. Guru Maa says only Kaali Maa can save Raheja family from the “Nagin’s” attack. She will perform “Kali Yagna” and will bring “Kali Maa” here in the cave in human form. Guru Maa asked to Ankush that he should not doubt “Kaali Maa’s” power as they will be giving them protection.

Guru Maa says that but make sure that “Nagin” should not impress Maa more than Raheja family. Now after Puja ceremony Kaali Maa enters in a girl’s body and the Kaali Maa arrive to destroy the “Nagin”. But Shivanaaya narrates the total story to Kaali Maa and Kaali Maa shocked to hear that.

Kaali Maa takes a decision not to harm the “Ichchadhaari Nagin” as she is the right. In tonight episode it will be shown that the Kaali Maa will be decides to help whether Victim or the murderer. Ankush discuss with Shailesh that their 20-year-old secret is hidden in mansion and they should not reveal that. Shivanya hears their conversation and thinks she should know the secret as soon as possible to take her revenge soon.