“Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” Ishita & Raman To Face New Challenge Soon Now Written Updates

“Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” Ishita & Raman To Face New Challenge Soon Now Written Updates :- In the latest episode, of the TV serial “Yeh Hain Mohabbatein” we saw that Shagun and Ishita talking with each other about Ishita’s baby, which is right now resting in Shagun’s womb. Shagun is carrying the baby through surrogacy. Suddenly Shagun feels kick in her womb.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita gets excited to feel the baby’s kick as when Shagun discuss about the kick of baby with Ishita. Ishita feels excited and happy. Some regular Nonkh Jonkh shows between Ishita and Raman. Also Ishita said to Raman that being a man he can’t felt the kick of baby which only Ishita and Shagun can.

Mihir praises Mihika and Romi’s idea of troubling Suraj. Somehow Ishita has been seen upset and he doesn’t know how to cheer her up her. But in any case Raman has to cheer up Ishita. When Raman discuss about it to Romi, Romi tells Raman that he is the best at romance so Raman can do anything easily. Raman cracks a few jokes for Ishita and insists Ishita to go with him. So Ishita and Raman goes for a long drive.

Accidentally, a lady gets hit by Raman’s car. Raman and Ishita come out from the car to help that lady but the lady had been covered her face and runs away from there. Ishita doubts her to be Pallavi, Mr. Chaddha’s wife.

On the other hand, Raman is sceptical about Ishita’s thoughts. The next morning, Romi had been seen impressing Raman’s clients with his witty sentences and jokes. Ishita visits Chaddha’s house to hand over some papers to him.
The next scene shows Ishita had been seen Pallavi, Ishita notices the mark on her hands. So Ishita asks Pallavi how she got hurt. Pallavi tells her that it is a birth mark. Pallavi also ignored Ishita and leave the place and Ishita by saying she is in rush as there is some works for her.

When Pallavi go Ishita also leaves from there. Ishita doubts Pallavi and Mr. Chaddha. She feels that definitely the couple are having some connections with Rohit. Ishita shares her concern with Shagun. She tells Shagun that she feels there is something wrong in the Mr. Chaddha and Pallavi intentions. Ishita thinks they are not right. And also Ishita says that there is something fishy.

Now Ishita and Raman have to face this new challenge called Mr. Chadhdha and Palavi. It will be interesting to see how Raman and Ishita will be facing it.