2016 Suzuki Access 125 Motorcycle Recalled in India to inspect & replace Axle shaft

2016 Suzuki Access 125 Motorcycle Recalled in India to inspect & replace Axle shaft :- The Suzuki company ahs recently announced that they are about to recall all their scooty Acess 125 cc in India to replace all the faulty part. It is believed that the company will inspect all the faulty problems of the Access and then repair it and then finally return all the scooters to their respective owners.


As per the reports, around 50,000 scooters are recalled which were manufactured between the time period of March 8, 2016, and June 22, 2016, by the Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL).

It is believed that the problem is in the  Axle shaft of Access 125 and company will replace this [part free of cost for their customers.

According to the official of the company,” the whole decision is taken to fulfill the customer satisfaction that we had promised in the past and we were getting few reports of the problem in our scooters. The main fault is the Axle part of Scotty and the company will assist the Axle and if required they will replace it for the customers for free of cost. We are really concerned about the safety of our customers that’s why we are taking this step so quickly”.

The owner of the Access 125 can approach to the nearby showroom with their problem in their scooter or company will contact their customer before 13 July 2016. Also, the company will provide the free periodic service for the scooter after the replacement of the defected Axle part.

And the customers who have confusion that whether their is any fault in their scooter or not , they can simply clear their doubt by taking their scooter at the service center to identify the problem.