Bomik apologizes to devyaani! 24 Season 2 Episode 25th September 2016 Written Updates

Bomik apologizes to devyaani! 24 Season 2 Episode 25th September 2016 Written Updates  :- The show starts between 4 am and 5 am as Jai cries after shooting Shivani. He picks up the picture of Shivani and Rajbeer. Later, Roshan informs him that he has seen the code to his mobile that will refuse the virus. Jai leaves. Atu Find the virus.



Prithvi informed Aditya that virus had been found and Shivani is dead. Aditya got shocked and called Jai. Aditya consoled Jai and asked him to not forget his mission as he needs to track down the Roshan. Jai agrees.

Raj tells Veer that two individuals passed on. Veer says we would prefer not to humiliate you. However we need to discover him, when did you see him last time. She says in my room, when I nodded off, when I woke up by flame alert, he was no more. Raj says he would be here in this inn. Veer requests that Batra goes to her room and get measurable examples. Raj says the man had gone out before it was fixed. Veer says I know, advise ATU and discover him.

Zaara converses with Mihir. Raj calls Mihir and requests Shivani. Mihir says she is not here, what happened. Siddharth says request that Raj lead it, you both give him support. Mihir says I needed to know Shivani’s portable PC secret word to get to Anjali Sharma’s documents. Jai comes and sends them. Jai says Shivani gave this telephone; it has the message for Kabir; she likewise said Kabir has hypersensitivity with the ground nut.

Vedanta goes to Jai and says Jai, I m frightened seeing you, I m unusual, you are getting retained, infection got the discharge, Veer got contaminated and now Shivani. Jai says it suggests infection has an antibody or the cure. Jai says precisely.

Naina called Antara and says there is an issue, possibly my watch fell in your home, discover it, its vital, call me when you discover it. Antara says fine.

Around the time phase of 4.27am, Veer makes the group take fingerprints. The man says it is difficult to get the prints. Veer asks Natasha what happened when she got the person here. He requests that she accept he is the person. She acts. He asks did he wear the belt. She says yes. Veer gets the belt and says that was great, much appreciated; we will discover prints at belt clasp, its of metal. He takes off.
Naina came to Aditya and asked is there any issue. Aditya says no, luckily, media did not get any news, you exhorted Prithvi on the perfect time to handle media. She grins. She stressed. Antara says no. Naina says perhaps its in Shinde’s room, find there. Antara cries and sits outside the room.

Soumya says I cleared out a message; his telephone is not interfacing, he will call. Devyaani says I m specialist and say it that he is basic, think what to do, he has less time.Roshan says you will utilize it in breaking points and demonstrate the impact to govt to arrange, straightforward. The man says fine, our men will welcome you, once you venture into our territory, no govt can hurt you. Roshan expresses gratitude toward him.

Maddy tells Roshan that they can’t utilize same scramblers, as ATU ruptured the firewall. Devyaani goes and meets Dhruv. She says I have to talk, are you tuning in, infection discharged in an inn; numerous individuals are kicking the bucket; numerous individuals won’t see tomorrow’s dawn. She holds his hand.

Dr. Dixit says Veer, a few people as of now kicked the bucket, when will we advise their relative. Dr. Dixit says we can’t give this, its off-base. Veer says its wrong that they are enduring now, we can’t give back their life, yet we can approach them to choose for simple demise.

Siddharth gets some information about the man’s upgrade. Mihir says nothing; I was taking a shot at Anjali’s document. Siddharth requests that he discover the man first. Jai and Vedant see Siddharth. Mihir tells Jai that Shivani was discovering join amongst Anjali and Roshan. Jai gets Anjali’s record. Jai says Shivani would be near Roshan’s mystery which he didn’t need us to know, its intense. However, I will attempt.
At 4.53, Jai demonstrates PM’s letter to Maya. He says don’t squander my time Maya, this paper does not make a difference on the off chance that we don’t get information on time, educate me concerning Anjali. She gives the location.
Jai reaches at flat and signs others. Roshan was about to leave. Jai asked his people to take a position to shoot.


Zaara will tell that girl identified that man Abhay and tells address to Siddharth. Mihir gives updates of Abhay to Raj. Raj says we can contain him easily. Abhay coughs and talks to someone. Devyaani tells Aditya that she is at the hotel. He says this was not needed. Prithvi tells Antara that we will be together always. Antara asks him to trust her always. Bomik apologizes to Devyaani. She says you did not trust me. Devyaani collides with Bomik and his medical suit breaks.