28th December 2015 Episode Of Swaragini Written Updates

28th December 2015 Episode Of Swaragini Written Updates : The Episode of last week starts with Ragini asking Sujata and Uttara to sweep the house and then clean with water. Annapurna suddenly arrives and asked that Sujata is your Chachi, and she will not do this work. Dadi interferes. They fight with each other Ragini, Uttara and Chachi in favor of each other.

swaragini 28th December 2015 Episode

Swaragini 28th December 2015 Episode

Suddenly Ragini cross her limit and throws a duster on Annapurna’s face and Ragini asked that if you don’t want Uttara and Annapurna to do this work you should do it. About which Annapurna got angry and throw the duster back on Ragini’s face in which Ragini responded by throwing a glass of water back on Annapurna’s face.

The scene witness by Lakshay and Lakshay can’t control herself from going to Ragini with misbehave she did with Ragini. So Lakshay grabs Ragini’s neck and tries to suffocate her. Now Sanskar and Durga Prasad arrive and they stop Lakshay also said that Ragini can snatch money and property from the Maheshwari family but not the self respect.

Sanskar and his family decide to leave the house and Ragini. Ragini tries to prevent them from saying that the Maheshwari family is in habit of leading lavish life and eating well. So they can’t adjust in poor situation now.

In which the entire family of Maheshwari give their jewelry to Ragini and said that they can live in road but not with this sick and rustic girl. Now Ragini got anxious that how she wills now ruling them and seeking revenge from them if they leave the Maheshwari house. So Dadi and Ragini blackmail Durga Prasad with a picture about which Durga Prasad responds that nobody will be leaving Maheshwari house.

Durga Prasad added further that we should stay with Ragini and Durga Prasad’s verdict makes everybody shocked and strange.