Shocking! After Sudha Singh, OP Jaisha has swine flu too

The doubt of the Sports Authority of India turns into reality when OP Jaisha was diagnosed with the Swine flu. Soon, after coming back from the Rio Olympics, Jaisha was not feeling well.


She was complaining about a headache and body pain and later, it came to know that she found positive for H1N1 on Thursday. OP Jaisa was failed during the Olympics marathon and on Wednesday, she gave her blood sample and test result confirmed that she is suffering from the flu.

Soon, her reports came, she was taken to the Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta road. The Karnataka Surveillance officer, Dr Harshvardhan told the media that ” we are with the Jaisha and we will provide her with every single medical facilities till she did not get well.”

According to the reports, after knowing this, Jaisha was keen to return to her city Kerala for Ayurvedic treatment. But, after the recommendation of the doctors, she held at the hospital and it is believed that doctor will leave her only, she will be cured.

Meanwhile, Sudha Singh was the first one who was diagnosed with this same flue. Sudha also complained about uncertain body pain and fever and then, she was diagnosed with the swine flu.