Akshay Takes His Last Breath! “Silsila Pyaar Ka” 24th February 2016 Written Updates

The last episode of the TV series “Silsila Hain Pyaar” ka start with Akshay arrived in the house and he is in anger mood. He wants to speak with Raunak and after arrival he keeps screaming Raunak…. Raunak….. And Raunak…..

Akshay Takes His Last Breath! “Silsila Pyaar Ka” 24th February 2016 Written Updates

The family members asked Akshay to be calm but he is in no mood to calm down. He literally shows his anger towards Akshay which is indeed shocking. Now Akshay says I don’t want to know what Kajal thinks of Raunak. I just know that I love Kajal and that is enough for me.

Now Akshay is calm down and says I just love Kajal, she is my life. Kajal cried, Akshay says she was in love with Raunak that really doesn’t matter me. Right now Kajal is in love with me and she is with me, that is enough for me. Now I can die in peace.

Now I’ll tell everybody that I’m going to die. Please don’t stop me Raunak, Akshay said when Raunak went to stop him. Kajal says please stop Akshay…. please don’t say this. Akshay say no Kajal now I’ll die and please let me die on peace.

The entire family is shocked to Akshay is talking about Raunak and Kajal’s reunion. Now Akshay takes his last breathe. He leaves kajal and Raunaks hand, kajal leaves Raunaks hand, everyone breakdown, kajal say Akshay you can’t leave me and go from my life. Kajal said to doctor please doctor do something. You just save Akshay.

Doctor walks to Akshay and checks him, and doctor says we are sorry he is no more, everyone morn in pain and grief now. In the upcoming episode of the melodrama “Silsila Pyaar Ka” it will be shown that Raunak says to Janki, ma I need to talk to you right now.

Janki says I am very tired we will talk later; Raunak says sorry ma this is very urgent and I don’t want to delay. Janki became shocked.